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Ostara Kit You will receive the following 1~ Bees Wax Candle standing 4" Tall x 1.25" Wide Pastel Pink,Pastel Yellow with Lavender center 1~ Corked Glass Vial of Flower Blossoms Approx .05 1~ 2 Dram Vial Ostara Oil to anoint candle & wear Use to Honor the day ***100% Bees Wax Hand Rolled Remove Wrapper & Ribbon from candle before burning*** Ostara On or around March 21st Northern Hemisphere, September 21st Southern Hemisphere *Note this year it is March 20th* The second of the 3 spring festivals, Ostara is known also as the Spring Equinox, and Eostar. It is a time of new beginnings as new life bursts forth upon the earth. It is also a time of balance when light and dark are equal. In times past, people celebrated the arrival of spring and the Goddess Eostar or Eostre whose symbols were the hare and the egg. Symbols: The beginning of spring, new life and rebirth, the God and Goddess in Their youth, balance, fertility, flowers, eggs, rabbit/hare. Decorations: Four leaf clovers, cauldron of spring water, any and all spring flowers/blossoms/bulbs/sprouts, potted plants, eggs, butterflies, baskets, bunnies, chicks, colored ribbons Activities/ Rituals/ spell intents: Sunrise observances, collecting wildflowers, spring cleaning and purification, nature walks, seed blessing, garden blessing, planting, welcoming spring, coloring eggs, fertility rites, rituals of balance, herb work – magical, medicinal, cosmetic, culinary and artistic, spells for balance, communication, prosperity/fertility, action, new beginnings, potential, goals for future, banishment of bad ties, positive growth Herbs/flowers/trees: clover, lemongrass, mint, honeysuckle, iris, violets, peonies, lilies (Easter Lily), lilacs, acorn, celandine, cinquefoil, crocus, daffodil, dogwood, gorse, jasmine, jonquils, narcissus, olive, pine trees, rose, tansy, woodruff, primrose, forsythia Incense/oils: African violet, lotus, jasmine, rose, magnolia, sage, strawberry, lavender, narcissus, ginger. Colors/Candles: Gold, light green, robin’s egg blue, lemon yellow, pale pink, all pastels. Stones: amethyst, jasper, aquamarine, bloodstone, red jasper Foods: Seeds, leafy green vegetables, fresh fruits, hard-boiled eggs and any egg dishes, milk punch, dairy foods, apples, nuts, flower dishes, sprouts, jelly beans, chocolates, lamb, spiced or flower cupcakes, hot cross buns, honey cakes, unleavened bread, poultry, ham, roast beef, yellow cake with poppy seeds, banana nut bread, fruit juice or fruit liqueur, poppy seed or sesame seed rolls, sweet or honeyed wine Animals : Rabbits, hares /Easter bunny, chicks, robins, lambs, swallows, snakes, unicorns Deities: all love, virgin, and fertility Goddesses, all love, song & dance, and fertility Gods. Resources: Some information adapted from Simple Wicca by Michele Morgan, and Ann Moura’s Witchcraft, an Alternative Path. Shabby Witch

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