Black/ Silver Moonstone


1 Tumbled Black Moonstone
size will vary approx 1 inch

Black Moonstone's Properties

Black Moonstone - Black Moonstone offers protection from harmful influences.
This crystal also stimulates new cycles of growth and healing from deep within the body. It promotes inspiration and helps us develop our intuition and spiritual awareness, stimulating the functioning of our pineal gland, often referred to as the third eye. Black Moonstone is also said to enhance success in both love and in business. It increases loyalty.

All moonstone is connected to the Divine Feminine, water, intuition, dreams, visions, fertility, and the *female mystique*.

First aid - Black Moonstone is said to help the following situations and problems:

* Balances hormone cycles
* Reverses negative mental and emotional states
* Helps you to see the best in things
* Improves sense of self worth and self esteem
* Reduces deep seated stress
* Increases happiness
* Helps to raise / maintain energy levels where serious or terminal illness creates a weakness
* Restores energy after illness
* Promotes longevity

In General

In ancient times, it was worn by travelers to protect against the perils on the road and bring good fortune.

Moonstone has long been associated with the moon due to its iridescence. It looks like it shines from the moon. The most valuable stones also have a property, called adular escence, that makes the moon like sheen appear to move across the surface when the stone is observed from different angles.

Moonstone is one of the gemstones for the thirteenth wedding anniversary.

Carry or wear one of these stones if you are in despair or want to hold positive thoughts for an outcome of a situation, as moonstone is known to bring hope.


The stone is the token gem of the moon goddess Diana, and is said to make men be more at ease with the feminine aspects of their personality.


If you are trying to learn more about yourself or to grow as a person, use a moonstone as your personal totem so you can view yourself more clearly.

Corresponding astrological sign : Cancer

Moonstone is an excellent stone for introspection and reflection. It carries somewhat feminine energy, facilitating self expression, compassion, intuition and balance. It is a good gemstone to use for getting through and understanding cycles - providing peace through the "ups and downs". It can give a person support and guidance to become his or her best.

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