Freyja Candle 2x4.5


1 Goddess Freyja Candle This is for ONE Pillar Candle

With Bronze Shield and rose quartz gem bead
The candle is sandalwood Scented sprinkled with sandalwood dust, rose petal, yarrow flowers with a rose quartz stone.

2x4.5 Pillar

Shown are the 2x3.5 & 2x4.5

Freyja: (German Fricco) of the Vanir: She is the Great Goddess, second only to Frigg. Her name means “The Lady.” The Goddess of the magic known as Seidhr (German Seith) which she taught to Odin, eroticism, physical well-being; She is the Queen of the Valkyries who choose those to be slain in battle and carry them to Valhalla. She is daughter of Njord, and twin sister to Freyr. She is also a warrior goddess of great wisdom and magick. She wears the sacred necklace Brisingamen, which she paid for by spending the night with the dwarves. She is married to Odr and her children are Hnoos and Gersemi. Hers is the magic of reading runes, trance & astral travel, and casting spells. She owns a falcon cloak, takes dove form, rides in a chariot drawn by two cats, or rides a boar. She weeps tears of gold, which become amber, called "Freya's Tears".

Freyja: beauty, cats, domestic crafts, death, enchantments, farming, fertility, flowers, foresight, horses, jewelry, love, luck, magic, the Moon, passion, protection, romance, sex, trance, wealth, witchcraft

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